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Do you know what electrical panels are? Panels are a storage system of fuse boxes and circuit breakers. When these panels get out of date, they start flickering. Many don’t notice these tiny things or look at our panels like an electrician. But trust us, these flickerings are so dangerous that they can cause an electrical fire if not replaced on time.

These flickering in electrical panels also indicates overload, so your appliances can get damaged in case of short circuits. Here only a certified electrician can fix your problems and upgrade your panels, which can also control the overloading burden.

We understand what you go through when your electrical panels need optimisation. We have a trained team of professionals specialising in electrical systems and can assess, recommend, and perform electrical panel upgrades at residential and commercial properties.

When you contact us, we never hurry or suggest our customers spend money buying a new panel; instead, we inspect it first for any signs of wear, damage, or inadequate capacity to handle the electrical load.

Also, we perform all the necessary permits and ensure that our electrical panel upgrade meets building codes and regulations so you don’t have to face any issues later.

We also replace your old panels and install a new one involving all the work from disconnecting the power, safely removing the old panel, wiring the new panel, and reconnecting the electrical circuits.

Before you hire us for your electrical work, we provide a detailed insight into our services so that you get satisfied even before we start performing our task. Moreover, we have electricians with considerable knowledge and experience working with electrical systems.

Fixing electrical equipment is not child’s play. It requires extra care and attention; one mistake and your whole property can be at the stake of fire. Even if any hidden issue or problem arises during the upgrade process, we will not leave your work in between.

We will handle the situation calmly because your safety is our responsibility. You cannot find a more reliable service provider elsewhere who thinks about their customer’s life so deeply.

We address the problem first and then troubleshoot it. We are also capable of identifying potential wiring issues, faulty connections, or other electrical problems that may affect the performance and safety of your electrical system. Hence now you must have learned why choosing us is a good decision. When you need a reliable electrician for electrical panel upgrades or replacement in the Seattle area, give Aqualine a call for fast & professional service.

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